Monday, September 21, 2009

John's First Presentaion

John gave his first presentation on Zion's opening day as a national park last Friday at the Utah State History Conference. The presentation was given in a meeting room at the Salt Lake Library. We came early so that we could drop off some of John's posters and our latest mock-up at the University of Utah Press's table at the conference. We also wanted to test our equipment with the library's power point projector before the presentation. It was a good thing that we did because it made it so much easier to set up for real later on. The above picture is of John just before starting his presentation.

Here is John giving his presentation. I helped him out by running all the photos. I think it help to keep the presentation flowing because he didn't have to stop his train of thought to change pictures. I think he did very well, and he was complimented by many for his presentation. One of the State History staff, who has come to many history conferences over the year, said that it was one of the best that he had ever seen. The U of U Press liked it well enough that they thought John should give it again sometime, maybe down south closer to Zion. The only disappointment of the day was that there wasn't a very large crowd at the conference. Less than twenty people came to our presentation. So all you people, who told John that you were going to be there and didn't show up, really missed out. Just because it is history, doesn't mean that it is dry and boring.

We were very pleased that Merle Casper came. Merle is a bright 95 year old lady who John interviewed for our book. She was one of Nell Creer's students at Murray High School in the 1920s. She sat right up in front so that she could get a good view of the photos, and you could tell that she was enjoying it. She told us that Nell Creer was a very popular teacher at Murray High School. Here she is looking at the page on Nell Creer while her grandson reads her quotes from the book.

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