Wednesday, May 12, 2010

90th Anniversary of the Trip

Here is Catherine opening Zion's gate at the small opening ceremony on Saturday May 15, 1920. 90 years ago, this week, our 6 spunky girls were enjoying a week in the park. Last Saturday, John and I took our family to the Union Pacific Railroad station in Salt Lake City to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the girls leaving for their grand adventure. We stood in the empty railroad station and tried to imagine it full of benches and people.

This weekend, we will continue to celebrate. John and I will be traveling to southern Utah. We plan to spend some time wandering Zion on Saturday morning, and maybe we will take a picture of us with our hands in the air near the spot where the gate stood. It is so fun that the days of the month land on the same days as they did in 1920.

Saturday evening, May 15, we will be having our own ceremony, of sorts, to celebrate the occasion. John will be giving a free presentation of the story and book at the Canyon Community Center, 126 Lion Blvd., Springdale. We will be signing books, also. It will be from 6 to 9 p.m. The scrapbooks will be on display. We hope to have a good sized crowd.


Joan said...

How amazing that the dates land the same. Everything is lining up so perfectly; this book was begging to be written. I'm glad it found you. Enjoy your celebration!

Harmony said...

Wish I could come down for the book signing, but maybe my mom will show up if she doesn't have any other commitments that night. Good luck!

Angie Jimenez said...

I just discovered your book and blog! I'm checking it out at the library. Fun stuff! :D